Our team has developed an array of in-house resources to tackle applied and basic ecological research challenges.

Project management

We have extensive experience in coordinating and collaborating in international research projects funded by the EU framework programmes, Biodiversa, SIDA and other agencies.

Molecular techniques

We have a DNA-lab where we for instance perform population genetic studies and gut contents analyses of predatory arthropods.

Geografic information systems

We have developed skills in GIS for designing landscape level experiments and exploring land use change effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services.


We have a staff that can identify species of spiders and several insect groups.


We are active in disseminating our results. We manage two publication series in Swedish for disseminating information on crop protection:

- Växtskyddsnotiser (in Swedish)

- Faktablad om växtskydd - jordbruk (in Swedish)

Field assistant Wera Kleve conducting plant survey in a restored semi-natural grassland.
Photo: Marie Winsa