Research centers

We have strong links to national research centers:

Centre for Biological Control (CBC)

Centre for Biological Control is a new research centre at SLU that will contribute to the development of new knowledge concerning biological control of pests and diseases. Focus is on the use of living organisms in this control. At CBC we are conducting research regarding sustainable control methods and wish to collaborate with other research groups within the area. A close cooperation with stakeholders, such as growers, industry, authorities and organisations is also an important part of the CBC activities.

Contact: Mattias Jonsson

EPOK - Centre for Organic Food and Farming

EPOK work with the collaboration, coordination and information on organic agriculture in a Swedish, Nordic and international perspective. EPOK is a resource for the Swedish University of Agricultural Science for communicating with the outside world and to coordinate and initiate research and education in this area.

Contact: Ulf Nilsson

CKB -  Centre for Chemical Pesticides

The Centre for Chemical Pesticides is a partnership forum within the area of chemical pesticides for researchers at SLU and interested parties outside the university. The Centre focuses mainly on the environmental impact of pesticides used within agriculture. CKB co-ordinates knowledge improvement, long-term development of skills, environmental monitoring, analytical expertise, education and information within the area.

Contact: Barbara Ekbom